Hello. My name is Kevin Kaske. I'm a freelance, full-stack, web developer that loves solving problems and building products.

I try to make the kind of products and tools that I would enjoy using.

You can find my writing on my Blog, my open source projects on GitHub, and my thoughts on Twitter.

Here is a taste of what I have worked on...

Where I Give Logo

Where I Give

The biggest product I have released is WhereIGive. WhereIGive was built to be an easy way for nonprofit organizations to receive donations online. Keeping the solution inexpensive, easy to setup, and easy to use was the biggest focus for this product.

Pooch Logo

Pooch Framework

While creating WhereIGive, I built an open source, lightweight, PHP framework. I built this framework while building the API and needed some a lightweight client to consume the endpoints. I was not able to find anything else exactly right so I built the Pooch Framework. This framework serves the client facing web teir.

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